SPLASHWATER Calm Me Down - 100ml

SPLASHWATER Calm Me Down - 100ml

1. Spray   2. Smell   3. Smile!

A unique blended and naturally fragranced hydration mist to help our little ones and big ones get in touch with how they are feeling.

Key Benefits
If they need a CALM ME DOWN moment then spritz with an aromatic mist of Lavender, Sage, Rose, Moroccan Mint, Cardamom, Mimosa and Vanilla Flower to soothe, balance and relax the mind and body.

This mist also contains vegetable glycerin that helps attract moisture to the skin providing the ultimate hydration.

Gently mist the face (with eyes closed) anytime, anywhere! Shake before use. Perfect for all skin types.

Hero Ingredients
New Zealand Spring Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Glycerin (Vegetable), Natural Parfum (Grasse, France).

You have some great products. Especially Splashwater Calm Me Down. Works a treat on my daughter to help her get to sleep.

Not only does this calm my daughter down at bedtime when her mind is racing, it also makes her room smell divine!