Stretching all the way from the Coromandel Peninsula in the west to Cape Runaway in the east, is New Zealand’s lush Bay of Plenty region. Famous for the spectacular beaches, mild weather and flourishing kiwi and avocado orchards, Bay of Plenty is also home to the fastest growing town in the country, Tauranga, which makes the region a magnet not only for surfers and avid foodies, but for many local and international businesses as well. 

Where did the name Bay of Plenty come from?

Like with many names in New Zealand, it all started with Captain Cook, who first sailed through the Bay in 1769. Upon arrival, he noticed plantations and villages with lots of food, spread all around the green and welcoming region. After exploring the Poverty Bay on the eastern coast of the North Island a little earlier, this land, to his mind, should have been named in no other way, but the Bay of Plenty.

250 years later and the Bay is still blooming and plentiful. Acres of local orchards and gardens are producing everything from the national symbols of New Zealand – kiwifruits and avocados, to juicy oranges, grapes and berries.

What is so special about the Bay of Plenty?

Unique landscapes, diverse outdoor activities, thriving art and culture, rich history make Bay of Plenty a vibrant and attractive travel destination.

It is home to Whakaari/White Island, New Zealand’s only active marine volcano, that impresses tourists and volcanologists from all over the world with its steam, colourful crater lake and constant activity.

Another popular place to visit is Maunt Maunganui. This holiday paradise is a proud owner of the three out of ten best beaches in New Zealand, according to TripAdvisor. Standing 232 meters above the sea level and the beaches is The Mount (or Mauao – “caught by the dawn” in Maori), iconic landmark and the main attraction of the city.

No matter how many days one has to explore the country, one never misses Rotorua, another outstanding Bay of Plenty town. It is an adventure capital of the North Island (think zorbing, rafting, bungee jumping), Maori culture centre and the place to explore unique volcanic valleys and geothermal parks with geysers, bubbling mud pools and spectacular sinter terraces.  

White Island Mount Maunganui Rotorua

Why is the Bay of Plenty so attractive for businesses?

The lure of Tauranga is so strong, many Auckland, Wellington and international businesses are relocating here, making it the fastest growing town in the country. With 137,000 urban citizens, it is the fifth largest city in New Zealand.

The fact that Port of Tauranga is the largest and the most efficient in the country, adds to the attractiveness of this town for the international businesses. Local facilities provide companies with less than 24-hours turnaround, which makes it the fastest hub for Asian and South American cargo deliveries. Officially the best productivity rates in Australasia!

When it comes to arguments in favour of moving to the Bay, Tauranga manages to tick all the boxes: quality of the local agricultural land, that offers perfect opportunities for farming, gardening and food production, high educational levels, impressive sunshine hours throughout the year and a perfect mix of a laid-back costal lifestyle with all the facilities of a big city. The opportunities for establishing a prosperous business within the region are boundless.

Who brought Bay of Plenty an international recognition?

This region of New Zealand is notorious for impressive sporting achievements both on national and international levels. With the constant support of Sport Bay of Plenty organization, local schools and outstanding facilities – professionally equipped fields, gyms and studios, Bay of Plenty became an incubator for elite athletes.

World champions in rugby The Black Ferns have chosen Bay of Plenty as their training base.

Tauranga local Peter Burling is a world champion and Olympic champion in yachting. He is the helmsman of Team New Zealand, winning the prestigious America's Cup in 2017.

Luuka Jones and Mike Dawson continue to set the standards for New Zealand's international paddlers, with Dawson winning a bronze medal in the extreme slalom final in France 2017.

Among other champions are hockey and cricket players, sailing and surf life saving athletes.

Where could you have seen Bay of Plenty before?

The stunning costal paradise attracts filmmakers from all over the world. Not surprisingly, some of the mesmerizing Bay of Plenty locations might look familiar even for the first-time visitors.

The latest screen appearance of the Bay was made in Disney’s “Pete's Dragon” by David Lowery. At the very beginning of the movie Pete and the dragon are having fun in a scenic landscape. This episode was filmed in an idyllic McLaren Falls park, favourite place to spend time at for local people of all ages.