With mid-winter in full swing, all we can think about right now is a hot tropical getaway. If you’re lucky to have your getaway booked, it might be time to think of what to pack. And with upcoming climate change, the beauty kit should be the first on the list. The good news is – you don’t need a lot for a perfect glowing skin, so no extra baggage charges are involved!

Hydration booster

No matter where you go, it’s crucial to keep your skin soothed and hydrated. Use Hzp+Co awesome ‘On The Go Hydration Mist’. It contains revolutionary Aquaxyl™ - a powerful, long-lasting moisturiser, that also increases the skin’s natural ability to retain water. Aloe helps to calm and refresh the skin and maintain moisture balance, while glycerine provides efficient barrier against moisture loss.

Using it couldn’t be any easier: shake the bottle and gently mist all over the face, keeping your eyes closed. Convenient 100 ml size allows to have ‘On The Go Hydration Mist’ in your carry-on for a quick refreshment on a plane.

Face cleansing cloth

Cleansing cloth is a no-brainer when it comes to traveling light. Instead of having tons of cotton pads or wipes and a make-up removal (that barely ever comes in travel size!), you’ll only need one tiny towel! It’s a sustainable, economical and chemical-free way to take care after your skin in the evening.

Wet the towel with warm water and wipe a day of heat and adventures off your face easily. Not only does it remove all the dirt and makeup, but also exfoliates gently without disrupting the pH levels of your skin.

Moisturising day cream

Keeping your skin happy after a long flight and a rapid climate change might be challenging, but Hzp+Co ‘Cream to oil body’ makes it easier. The first thing skin craves in these conditions is hydration, hydration, hydration.

Apply this nutrient-rich moisturizing cream made from precious New Zealand plant oils for an immediate SOS-therapy. It’s non-greasy formula will soak in quickly, and is ideal to use on the go. Avocado oil will retain moisture balance; kiwifruit seed, blueberry and olive oils will help skin regeneration, resulting in naturally glowing skin; Kowhai, Horopito, Mamaku and kiwifruit extracts will provide skin nourishment, antioxidant protection and ultimate skin radiance.

Lip balm

Your travel destination might mean no makeup for the next few weeks, but don’t be too quick to ban the lip balm from the makeup bag. The skin on the lips is thin and soft, so will need extra protection in harsh environment (which in this case means high humidity, low humidity, heat, cold, wind, you got the idea…).

The handy extra feature of the tiny life savior is being a moisturizer for dry areas of the body like heels and elbows.


Don’t forget your passport, bikini and a smile. Happy travelling!



Photo: Designed by Freepik