Wow the first school term is over and one of the longest at 11 weeks! Our little darlings have settled into another school year and the adults are back into the routine of lunches, homework and up and down busy little people.

It’s about now that we all need our support strategies to help with another busy school term, the transition from summer holiday feelings into long winter school days and all those feelings that go along with these changes. That is why at HZP+Co we have designed the perfect unique natural product to assist both the kids and ourselves to support, nourish, nurture and care about any feelings we may be having whether they are happy, sad, excited, angry or nervous.

Our new fun and exciting Splashwater products are uniquely blended naturally fragranced hydration mists to Awaken, Freshen and Calm you down anywhere, anytime. 

The perfect companion for our Splashwater mists is a beautiful new book called 
Feel A Little recently published by two very talented ladies Evie Kemp and Jenny Palmer. Feel a Little identifies that children’s feelings are just as big as adults, but that they generally have no context and no natural tools to help deal with them. If we can reach them and teach them from as early as possible, they will have a better chance of articulating and understanding their feelings.

Feel A Little is a rainbow of 14 important emotions, all explored through gorgeous ‘read along’ rhymes accompanied by cute characters and beautifully designed, professionally printed and bound into a vibrant hardcover book. Feel A Little is perfect for reading to children from a young age, and for children aged 7 - 11 years to read to you. 

So what better tools to be equipped with to grow happy, healthy children and maybe they will provide just a little bit of help in moments of need (when our little darlings are melting down, wildly running around or just having a day full of mixed emotions!

Love from HZP+Co team xxxx